These are some of my favorite and important links. They include geometry sites, software that I use and the like.

My good wife's site
New Hampshire State Council on the Arts
League of New Hampshire Craftsmen
Zome Tool, an extremely versatile and useful system for the study and teaching of geometric concepts
Polyedergarten Awesome paper models of geometric solids - and then some!
Virtual Polyhedra George Hart's huge geometry web site
Stella and 3D MineSweeper Stella is the best solid geometry modeling software, 3D Minesweeper is - well - not just another mine sweeper!
Here is a great source for New England artistry and crafts.

Here are some sites that feature or comment on my work or have links to my site.

Yankee Magazine article in Jan/Feb 2007
Some of my work is offered at Sculptr
Ivars Peterson has written a kind article in Science News
One of my kirigami pieces, usually done in paper using straight edge and craft knife, has been taken for a leap.
Some images from the 2005 Joint Math Conference in Atlanta, GA
The American Mathematical Society
Mathematical Association of America
A report from "Gathering for Gardner Four", aka G4G4.

Following are links to pdf files, all are downloadable, many can be built!

A mathematical puzzle from the cover of Scientific American Magazine
The Csazar Solid
The Szilassi Solid
Part 1 of 2 for the Dodecahedron Maze
Part 2 of 2 for the Dodecahedron Maze
The solution to the Dodecahedron Maze
Pyth 'n pi
"Down Stairs"
"Up Stairs"
The house where I was born (20Mb!)
And this is I

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